New Design


I’ve been working on this adorable sewing machine art quilt this week. It’s been in my mind for months!

It’s been a little bit tricky, because I wanted to use black thread to thread sketch around the main features, AND I want to use some thread play all over it, as if the thread spool is unraveling and loops all over to make the vines which the flowers are coming from.

The dilemma is which comes first: the thread work or the quilting? So, I chose to thread sketch with black first. My next step (after I position the flowers JUST RIGHT) will be to quilt it with a subtle design and then finish it off with the green “thread vines.”

This art quilt will be on my etsy site before the week is out. And a pattern to make one of your own will be available SOON, as well.

The other struggle with this one, is that she needs a fabulous name!! Any ideas?


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